The latest artwork by the Northumberland artist, Dominic Richardson


Dominic Richardson

After a road traffic accident left Dominic with an acquired brain injury when he was only two years old, few would have thought that the event would be the catalyst to a unique creative talent.

The accident left Dominic with damage to the left side of his brain (the side associated with logic, sequencing and mathematics) whilst the right side of his brain, (the side associated with creativity, passion and imagination etc) was comparatively undamaged. This resulted in Dominic developing a natural interest and aptitude for things of a creative nature and the ability to bond on an emotional level with the world around him. Furthermore, the accident had also damaged the part of the brain that governs sight, leaving Dominic with an array of visual issues but also adding ‘unique perspective’ to his creative sensitivity.  This became particularly evident throughout his training in his approach to how he perceives the world around him.

Artist Portfolio

Although Dominic learnt much about the topic of art during his formal education, it was not until recent years that he has started to freely express and be confident at a creative level. Through a three year mentoring course at the Whistle Art Stop, he has achieved a Bronze Arts Award and now presents ‘View from the Tunnel’ as his Silver Arts Award.

Two years of hard work is showcased through the development of Dominic’s artistic practice. In addition to this, Dominic has also gained considerable knowledge by working closely with an arts organisation that supports new and emerging artists from across the North East of England